Metrolina Dancers Association

Metrolina Dancers Association

Area Wide Calendar

UPDATED:  17 February 2018

Updates occur around the 5th and 20th of each month.  The AWC is the updated authority.


Area Wide Calendar

The MDA asks each of you to accomplish 1 & 2.  These will be of great benefit to square dancing:
1 –
Keep Dancing (at least once a week) & 2- Recruit at least one couple to learn square dancing

Note: It has been brought to my attention that these emails are not getting to all the clubs and dancers in the area. Since having one large distribution list for the 500+ dancers in the Charlotte area is not acceptable to most internet service providers we have been useing an “Email Tree” distribution that allows me to send the information to a representative for each club (and one for the independents) who in-turn forward the information to the other members of the club. Think of a tree and how the branches go out from the trunk and then to smaller and smaller branches. That is the way this “Email Tree” is supposed to work. If you club doesn’t have a branch on the main trunk (the first email of the information), and you are one of the smaller branches you can see that there is a broken branch. While every club had someone who received these emails, it is now clear that we had some broken branches. The branch for the Groovy Grovers has been mended but there is still a broken branch for the Diamond Yellow Rockers and the Mountain Mixers. Do you know who your club contact is? If that person can no longer serve as the contact, let me know who to send it to so we can keep the information flowing. Aside from this I am working with the MDA to look into having an email service provider send the emails and flyers to a large distribution list that will allow dancers to receive the info without the club contact who may be spending the month down in the Bahamas to get away from the cold. In preparation for this implementation the plan is to use the email id’s that are listing in the 2015 MDA Directory as a starting point. Check the Directory to insure your email id is correct and if it has changed or is incorrect, please email me with the correct id. We will also need the information for all the new members in your club. Thanks to those dancers who questioned why they were not receiving this information and know that we will get it corrected in the near future (as has already happened for the Groovy Grovers).

February 2018
17 Emerald Squares – Winter Wonderland Dance- Walt Leftwich
17 Belles & Beaus – Regular Dance
19 Carolina Lakes Squares – Regular Dance
20 Cardinal Squares – Regular Dance
22 Carolina Promenaders – Regular Dance
24 Swinging Saints – Regular Dance – Bob Helms
23 Boots n Slippers – Regular Dance
26 Carolina Lakes Squares – Regular Dance
27 Cane Creek Cruisers – Regular Dance
27 Cardinal Squares – Regular Dance

March 2018
1 Swinging Mallards – Regular Dance – Ken Perkins/Peggy Broadway
1 Carolina Promenaders – Regular Dance
2 Diamond Yellow Rockers – Regular Dance
3 Belles & Beaus – Fond Memories Dance
3 Emerald Squares – Regular Dance – Ron Kapnick
5 Carolina Lakes Squares – Regular Dance
6 Cardinal Squares – Regular Dance
8 Carolina Promenaders – Regular Dance
9 Boots n Slippers – Regular Dance – Tony Oxendine/Peggy Broadway
10 Spinning Moors – St Patrick’s Dance – Randy Page/Peggy Broadway
10 Swinging Saints – St Patrick’s Dance – Theresa Rutz
12 Carolina Lakes Squares – Regular Dance
13 Cane Creek Cruisers – March Madness Dance
13 Cardinal Squares – Regular Dance
15 Carolina Promenaders – St Patrick’s Dance
16 Diamond Yellow Rockers – Luck of the Irish w/Early A’s
17 Emerald Squares – St Patrick’s Day Dance – Patty Greene
17 Belles & Beaus – St Patrick’s Dance & Open House
19 Carolina Lakes Squares – Shamrock Shuffle Dance
20 Cardinal Squares – Regular Dance
22 Carolina Promenaders – Regular Dance
23 Boots n Slippers – Special Dance
24 Swinging Saints – Regular Dance - Bob Helms
26 Carolina Lakes Squares – Regular Dance
27 Cane Creek Cruisers – Regular Dance
27 Cardinal Squares – Regular Dance
29 Carolina Promenaders – Regular Dance


“A” Sharps – Mooresville – Advance/C1 Casual Dress – Randy Page 704-588-4122. Thursdays, 7:00PM, War Memorial Building 220 N. Maple Street 28115

Belles & Beaus - Matthews
– Casual dress –June thru August – Brenda Lemmond (704-519-8805) & Murray Gonsalves (980-258-0791) – 1st & 3rd Saturdays, Matthews United Methodist Church Scout Hut 801 S. Trade St 28105 E.Rds 7:00 Dnc: 7:30-9:30PM

Boots N’ Slippers - Charlotte – Casual all year – except for “special dances” Dave & Joyce Carpenter 803-831- 9031 1st & 3rd Fridays, 7:30-9:30PM, Steele Creek Presbyterian Church 7407 Steele Creek Rd 28217

Cane Creek Cruisers – Waxhaw – Casual All Year – Harvey Hess 704-843-3541 2nd & 4th Tuesday, Walkersville Presbyterian Church, 6204 Brady Road, Waxhaw, C 28173 – Workshop 7:00 PM, Dance 7:30-9:30 PM

Cardinal Squares-Salisbury-Casual Dress -except “special dances”–Jack & Linda Cauble 704-633-9147 Tuesdays, 7-9 PM Web site: Salisbury City Park Rec Ctr 316 Lake Dr. 28144

Carolina Lakes Squares – Indian Land, SC – Square Dance attire optional – MS, Announced Plus, Lines - Mondays 7:00 PM – Sun City Carolina Lakes Lakehouse Ballroom – 1353 Del Webb Blvd – Larry Yencer 803-396-5662

Carolina Promenaders - Rock Hill,SC – Casual all year - Danny & Peggy Thomas 803-328-0289
Thursdays - Shield of Faith Family Church 2499 Firetower Rd 29730

Charlotte A’s – Sundays – Southpark Cristian Church, 6650 Park South Drive, Charlotte – Casual Dress – Dance 7-9 PM – Squares by Randy Page & Al Broadway – Rounds by Peggy Broadway – Randy and Fran Page 704-588-4122

Diamond Yellow Rockers – Weddington – Theresa Rutz – 704-763-6961 1st & 3rd Fridays 7:30-9:30 PM Mainstream w/Lines – Weddington Methodist Church, 13901 Providence Road, Weddington 28104

Emerald Squares - Hiddenite- -Casual Dress – Wayne & Shirley Roberts 828-632-4291
1st & 3rd Saturdays 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM Hiddenite Educational Complex, 70 Hiddenite Church Rd 28636

Groovy Grovers - Charlotte - Casual Dress – Gene & Betty Baker 704-847-9686
Tuesdays, Workshop 7:00 Dance 7:30-9PM - Baker’s Dance Hall, 2843 Williams Road, Matthews 28105

Mountain Mixers –  Sunday – PLUS DANCING 2:00-4:00PM with Rounds between Tips, A2 Dance 4:00-4:30PM, all round dancing is recorded. Square Dance Attire or smart casual (No shorts) - Fridays – MS with announced Plus 7:30-9:30PM Casual Dress - A2 dance every Monday night at 7:30 to 9:30 PM starting May 16 and going through October 10 with Jerry Biggerstaff.

Mayberry Squares – Mount Airy – Walt Leftwich 336-648-3709 Sunday nights from 7-9 PM

Spinning Moors - Mooresville – Casual Dress–June thru August – Jack & Brenda Untener 704-857-2639
2nd Saturdays, Early Rounds 7:30 PM, Squares 8:00-9:50PM, War Memorial Ctr 220 N. Maple St 28115 web site:

Squar N Aders – Lexington – Casual Dress June – Dearl & Shirley Bunce 336-249-1268Every Thursday 7:00-9:00PM, Lexington Municipal Club, 200 Country Club Drive, Lexington, NC

Swinging Mallards - Charlotte - Casual Dress all year long – Harvey & Monie Alexander 704-547-0616
1st Thursday monthly – 7:30-9:30 PM – Mallard Creek Presbyterian Ch. 1600 W. Mallard Creek Church Rd, 28262

Swinging Saints - Charlotte –Square Dance Attire optional all year – Early Rounds 7:00 PM, Squares 7:30-9:00 PM – Christine Jelley 704-542-1944 2nd & 4th Saturdays, St Andrews United Methodist Church, 1900 Emerywood Dr 28210

HELPFUL SQUARE DANCE WEB SITES: National Square Dance Convention®  Kansas City, MO    Jun 27-30, 2018  Atlanta, GA             Jun 24-27, 2019  Spokane, WA         Jun 24-27, 2020  Metrolina Dancers Association  North Carolina State Federation  South Carolina Web Page South Carolina Web Page – great information about dancin  American Callers Association  CALLERLAB – International Association of Callers  United Square Dancers of America (great educational information for clubs)  Audio & Hanhurst’s Tape Service (numerous links to more sites & much more)  Alliance of Round, Traditional and Square Dance  ROUNDALAB - International Association of Round Dance Instructors  Listing of special dances throughout the US

Special Request: As best that we can figure, about 82% of the dancers in our area have e-mail service. If you would run off one copy of the Area Wide Calendar for those who do not have Internet service and put it on your flyer table, I’m sure these dancers would appreciate this very much. These dates are obtained from E-Mails, Flyers and the Metrolina Dancers Association. Make sure your special dates or changes are sent to: Jerry & Kathy Lock  (704-455-9433)